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Jiffy Rogue Model 58

Jiffy E6 Lightning, Model 56

Jiffy 46 X-TREME, Model 46

Jiffy 4G, Model 41

Jiffy Model 30 XT


Jiffy PRO4, Generation 3 - Short rubber hose connecting the Regulator to the Carburetor

Jiffy PRO4, Generation 2 - Regulator connected directly to the Carburetor using a brass fitting

Jiffy PRO4, Generation 1 - An aluminum pipe from the Regulator to the Carburetor

Jiffy SD60i, Model 60

Jiffy PROII Lectric, Model 53

Jiffy 44PRO, Model 44

Jiffy 4G Lite, Model 43

Jiffy PRO4 Lite, Model 42

Jiffy 2500/3500 Series with Jiffy Engine
  * Models prior to 2011 - Model 75 ArcticBlast, Model 60 SD60i, Model 76 White Lightning, Model 77 Legend Lighting XT, Model 79 Stealth STX, Model 30, Model 31 Legend XT, Model 34 Stealth STX, and Model 34 STX PROII

2-Cycle Models with Jiffy Engine
  *2-Cycle Models - Model 30, Model 34 Stealth STX, and Model 34 STX PROII

Jiffy PROII Lectric, Model 55 (2011-2012 Models) - Battery on Board

JIffy STX PROII Lectric, Model 55 (2010 Model) - Battery on Board

Jiffy Lectric, Model 45 - prior to 2011, without Battery on Board

Jiffy 30 Series with Tecumseh Engine

Jiffy 70 Series with Tecumseh Engine