Cold Starting Procedure


Jiffy® 2-Cycle

Mix one gallon of Fresh Winter Blend regular gasoline with one container of Jiffy® 2-cycle oil.  Use this fuel blend to fill tank to 3/4 full. 

  1. Press the primer bulb until gas return line is free of bubbles (10-15 Primes or more).
  2. On-Off switch is automatically in run position to start engine.
  3. Move choke lever to FULL CHOKE or ( l \ l ) position.  (Operator's left)
  4. Depress throttle control with left hand and grasp the recoil handle in your right hand.
  5. Slowly pull starter handle until you feel resistance from the engine, then pull vigorously with short quick pulls.
  6. Without releasing the recoil handle or the throttle control, let handle return to original position and repeat step 5.
  7. If engine doesn't start after 5-6 pulls, press the primer bulb 5-10 times and repeat steps 5-6.
  8. After the engine starts running, move choke lever to HALF CHOKE position until engine runs smoothly.  Leave in half choke position in extremely cold weather.
  9. Move choke lever to RUN or ( I I I) position as the engine warms up.  (Operator's right).
  10. To stop the engine, push the rocker switch to OFF or (O) position.
  11. When all the holes have been drilled, lay unit down, resting on wing handles.  Disconnect drill assembly from power head by sliding E-Z Connect™ Collar down and pulling clevis pin from drill assembly.  Do not remove the pin from the colllar tether.  Slip drill assemlby off of the power head output shaft, then re-insert clevis pin into drill assemby and slide E-Z Connect™ Collar up to cover clevis pin.
  12. Position power head with the filler neck of the fuel tank in the upper-most position to prevent fuel spillage.
  13. Reattach blade protector to drill assembly to prevent damage to the blade teeth and point.

SPECIAL NOTE: If the engine does not start due to extremely cold temperatures, move unit to warm environment, remove spark plug and wipe off excess fuel, replace spark plug and repeat steps 1 - 9.


Jiffy® 4G and 4G Lite

You must add oil to the engine before starting - 6oz bottle (Part #4288) to 4G and 3oz bottle (Part #4425) to 4G Lite.

  1. On-Off switch is automatically in the run position to start the engine.
  2. Press the primer bulb until gas return line is free of bubbles.  (NOTE:  You cannot over prime.)
  3. Move choke lever to FULL CHOKE or ( I / I ) position.  (Operator's left)
  4. Depress throttle control with left hand and grasp recoil handle in right hand.
  5. Slowly pull starter handle until you feel resistance from engine, then pull to start with short quick strokes until unit starts or you get a false start or pop.
  6. After a false start or pop, move choke lever to half choke and pull to start engine with short quick strokes.
  7. If engine fails to start after 2-3 pulls, repeat steps until unit starts.
  8. Once unit starts, let engine warm and then move choke to off position. (Operator's right)
  9. To stop engine, push rocker switch to OFF or (O) position until unit stops.


Jiffy® 46-XTREME, PRO4 and PRO4 Lite

You must add oil to the engine before starting - 6oz bottle (Part #4288) to 46-XTREME, PRO4 and 3oz bottle (Part #4425) to PRO4 Lite.

  1. On-Off switch is automatically in the run position to start the engine.
  2. The 46-EXTREME, PRO4 & PRO4 Lite require no choking or priming.
  3. Squeeze the throttle control with left hand and grasp recoil handle with right hand.
  4. Slowly pull starter handle until you feel resistance from engine, then pull to start with short, firm  quick strokes similar to the motion used to start a chain saw or string trimmer engine until unit starts.
  5. Without releasing the recoil handle or throttle control, let recoil handle return to its orginial position.
  6. If engine fails to start repeat steps 3-5.
  7. After hole is drilled in ice, slowly raise unit from the hole.  Depress and hold rocker switch in the STOP (OFF) position until enigine comes to a complete stop.

SPECIAL NOTE: If the engine does not start due to extremely cold temperature, replace propane tank with one that has been stored in a warm environment or temporarily move ice drill to a warmer location.  After ice drill has warmed up sufficiently, repeat steps 1-5.

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