How to Sharpen Ice Auger Blades

How to Sharpen Ice Auger Blades

Blade sharpening for the Jiffy® power ice drill is the primary item that requires service. 

Follow along with our pro Eric as he shows you how to sharpen your ice auger blades. 

Hey, this is Eric with Dakota Prairie Angling and, Falls here! And it's time to really start thinking about this upcoming season and kind of the name of the game a lot of times is trying to stay ahead of what's coming. That way when ice is ready, nobody is scrambling and it's go time.

And what I wanted to visit a little bit about one thing that I need this time of year is I pull my augers and actually take the blades off. Where I live, the wind blows, it seems like all the time. Our ice is really dirty and not only that, but ice travel using your augers, just over time the blades obviously dull, they get little burns in them and just puts more strain on the auger, your batteries don't last as long and then also the auger has to work a lot harder.

Jiffy actually makes a blade sharpener. And this is one that you can just put on a hard surface. They actually make little grippers on the back, but this is what looks like. And really all you do is put it on a hard surface, push down on it, take your blade and run it through this blade sharpener.

And it seems like you don't have to do it very long. The sharpening stones are at the correct angle, so it's going to put the correct angle on your blade. And really I've run this one through a few times. It's got very few burns and it is ready to go for this upcoming season.

Again, doing it now is going to save you time when ice forms and it's going to allow you to drill more holes. It's going to allow your auger to work easier, and it's really just going to make the ice experience a lot much better. Make sure you sharpen your blades for this upcoming ice season.

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