Stories from Above & Below the Ice

Two MODEL 30s ready for action with the Kokoska family.
Jiffy On Ice Tattoo
Jiffy’s Production Supervisor, Stacy Wiensch, is so passionate about her work, she wears it on her arm.
Using a Jiffy On Ice Model 30 Auger
@dallascota taking the Model 30 for a spin back in April.
Jiffy On Ice Auger brought out of the water
An auger that was securely attached to a four wheeler that found itself in the depth of Lake Winnipeg!  It took a few days  
to retrieve the auger from the depth of Lake Winnipeg and it still runs!

Caught 2 fish and Jiffy On Ice auger
A double catch day for Scott Ware and his fishing partner.
Jiffy On Ice Auger with two fish
Cody Ledoux with the catch of these two Northern Pike this past winter.
Jiffy On Ice auger with family
Just like the love of fishing, our drills will last to pass through the generations.  Photo by Pro-Staff Eric Brandriet.
Jiffy On Ice augers with Jiffy spelled out
Pro staff, Mark Miller showing some Jiffy love with his Model 46 X-treme and Model Pro 4 Gen III.
Molly Niina Fishing
@niina_molley says:  "Spring ice fishing is the best because you don't need a shack or tent."
Young boy fishing with Jiffy On Ice auger
Jiffy is built to last through the generations.
Brook Trout caught after using a Jiffy On Ice Auger
@kyle700 admiring the red belly on this Brook Trout.
Having fun with Jiffy On Ice Auger
peche_quebec taking the Model 30 out for a spin on Lake St. Pierre back in March.
Zach Fowler used Jiffy On Ice Model E6 Lightening
Zach Fowler putting his Model E6 Lightning drill to work to catch this Lake Trout.
Ice fishing in an igloo
Zach Fowler's 4-start campout.
Jiffy On Ice drill, snowmobile, dog
Which one of these items in this photo is a man's best friend?  The dog, the Jiffy or the snowmobile?
Man with massive trout
Mat Weaver with the catch of this massive trout last winter.
Man, dog, Jiffy Ice Drill at end of day
Another perfect Jiffy day.
Marie-Pier Michaud with E6 Jiffy Drill
Marie-Pier Michaud about to take the E6 for a spin.