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Quick & Easy

Gauge Ice Conditions

Remove the Guesswork

USD $49.99

    2-1/2" Ice Drill Designed to Quickly, Safely and Effectively Measure the Depth of Ice

   2-1/2" Cutting Blade Bores Through Ice Fast

  Color-Coded Scale Visually Indicates the Thickness of the Ice in Inches

  Check Early and Season-Long Ice Conditions for Your Safety

  35" Long, Lightweight and Conveniently Fits Most Gear Bags

  Meets Most State DNR Guidelines for Safe Ice (Check your state for variance)

  Punches the Perfect Size Holes to Fit Transducers, Cameras, Poles and Markers for Directing Ice Traffic

    Perfect Emergency Tool for Any Ice Rescue

   3/8” Hex Bit Works with Your Cordless Drill

   Triangle Sight Indicates Direction of Blade Edge. Use the Blade Edge to Grip the Underside of the Ice Layer

Jiffy Wants You to be 100% Safe Because Ice Never Is!

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Reviewed by: Lindsay Connelly

I love this.

Reviewed by: Mark M

Tried it this morning and works awesome. Saved me the hassle of testing with my auger.

Reviewed by: James O

Received my Ice Scout and immediately tried it. It is an AWESOME tool. It cut through 6 inches of ice in seconds. Highly recommend. Best investment for Ice Fishing and checking ice thickness.

Reviewed by: Joseph Teiszler

Great tool and concept. However hole size too small for my marcum lx7 transducer and used twice and bent shaft and depth marking peeling off.

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