E6 Lightning - Certified

USD $224.99

** Certified E6 Lightning units do not include USB port. Still a great deal!

 Battery Powered, 6 Amp-Hour, E6 LightningTM Ice Drill

*  Clean Power
*  Easy Starting - Just Depress Control Lever
*  Powerful 6 Amp Hour - Lithium Ion Battery
*  High Torque - 40 Volt Brushless Electric Motor
*  Reverse Drill Operation
*  Night Lights
*  Wide Stance - Comfort Grip Handles
*  Jiffy® Torch Drill Assembly with RipperTM Blade
*  HD Aluminum Planetary Transmission (Available in 15:1 or 24:1 Gear Ratio)
*  Available in 6" and 8" Drill Assemblies
*  Easy SnapTM Blade Protector
*  Carrying weight of 19- 22 pounds depending on drill size 
*  1 Year Limited Warranty on Powerhead and Drill Assembly (1 Year Warranty on Battery)

Inlcudes battery and charger

Drill Size    Average # of Holes
6" Drill Assembly 100 Holes through 24"
8" Drill Assembly 70 Holes through 24"
9" Drill Assembly 60 Holes through 24"
10" Drill Assembly 60 Holes through 24"

**CERTFIED Models may have been used by our ProStaff and returned to the factory at the end of the season. Blades on these units have been re-sharpened or replaced entirely.  CERTFIED units have been inspected by our Service Department and carry a One Year limited warranty.

Battery 6 Amp-Hour Lithium Ion Battery
Motor High Torque 40 Volt DC Brushless pancake motor
Transmission Heavy-Duty Aluminum Planetary Transmission. Available in both 15:1 and 24:1 Gear Ratios.
Starter Easy Starting - Just Depress Throttle Lever
Blades RipperTM Blade - Serrated Blade last 2-3 times longer than other blades on the market, cutting 25% faster.
Weight Carrying weight of 24 - 27 pounds depending on drill size
Drill Assembly XT Drill Assembly
Drill Sizes 6", 8" & 9" (Best if used with 15:1 Gear Ratio)
10" (Best if used with 24:1 Gear Ratio)
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty on Powerhead and Drill Assembly. 
1 Year on Battery.
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