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  Unsolicited Comments from Jiffy Ice Drill Owner Registration Cards that were returned:

"Great Product! My father has had one for over 30 years!"
Michael Snyder - Copenhagen, NY

"I have had Jiffy Ice Augers all my life and I am very satisfied"
Oliver Mac Kenzie - Willmar, MN

"Jiffy provides power, but also Durability. Love it!"
Shawn Wright - Bovey, MN

"Had a Jiffy Drill for 26 years - still runs -   gave it to my brother and he loves it!! Time for a new one, my fishing partner(wife) told me."
William F. DelGiudice - Rutland, VT

"I've been hand drilling for years - never thought that this drill would make it so much easier. We liked it so much my brother bought another one the next week. I will be your new best Salesman."
Robert Patterson - Barrie, Ontario Canada

"I asked several serious Northern NY Ice Fishermen which Auger - all said Jiffy. The new (Stealth) blades work great."
Russell Finch - Melvin Village, NH

"Very happy with this Jiffy Product."
Corey Delillis - Black River, NY

"Jiffy is #1 on the ice!"
Ricky P. Butterfield - Biddeford, ME

"When I pulled this Drill out of my pick-up my Brother said, "Now that's a Drill!"
Kevin Stoll - Essex Junction, VT

"A really great drill & price."
John M. Hall - Fond du Lac, WI

"Everyone I talked to said Jiffy made the Best Auger."
Colin Hoogland - Catawba, WI

"AWESOME! This is my first time using a Power Auger. My Model 30 starts easily and it drills like no tomorrow. I am sold!!! I will be out every available day next season. No reason not to go now I only have reasons to go."
Charles Macek Jr. - Albion, PA

"Now I can go Ice Fishing & not have to depend on my friends!"
George Eddy - Brownville, ME

"Received as a Gift - AWESOME!"
Ross McGruder - St. Paul, MN

"Good Quality Drill made in the USA - Just what I wanted."
Devin Fry - Stevens, PA

"It's Great, lots of power, I go through the ice in seconds flat."
Thomas Opsahl - Iron Mountain, MI

"A New Proud Owner."
Marcus Kloepping  - Sussex, WI

"Good reliable Company to deal with - Nice Auger!!"
Rodney Boushie - Tupper Lake, NY

"Used the Jiffy Drill this weekend and it worked fantastic! I wouldn't want anything different."
Shawn Heier - Minot,  ND

"I'm a registered Maine Guide and the "Stealth" works Great!!"
Keith Flewelling - Dover-Fox croft, ME